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Are you ready to apply for admission?  At Vet Tech Institute, we have streamlined the online application process.

There is a $50 application fee that may be paid online once you have filled out the application form. This fee is refunded only if the application is rejected. If you prefer to pay by check, please print the completed form and mail with your application fee of $50 to:

Vet Tech Institute at International Business College
The Village at Coventry
5699 Coventry Lane
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804 

There is an application fee of $50 that is payable by credit card or by check. If you elect to pay by check, please print the form on the next page and mail it to us along with your check.

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When you schedule a tour of the Vet Tech Institute, you’ll be able to see our students in action. From learning proper techniques for holding animals to learning to take x-rays, our students learn by doing. We believe strongly that it’s important for vet tech students to work with animals throughout the program because there is no replacement for this type of hands-on veterinary technology training.


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