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Get to Know the Vet Tech Institute

At the Vet Tech Institute at International Business College, we are devoted to helping our vet tech students become proud members of the animal health care community. Students can graduate from our veterinary technology program in as little as 18 months!

The first location of the Vet Tech Institute was part of the Median School of Allied Health Careers, founded in Pittsburgh in 1958. Since then, the Vet Tech Institute has grown to include seven locations across the United States.

At the Vet Tech Institute, faculty from the seven VTI locations share teaching methods, curriculum ideas and resources. As a result, students at the Vet Tech Institute gain from being part of a well-respected and larger institution, with the benefits of a smaller school.

VTI Fast Facts

VTI Faculty

All of our students and faculty share a passion for animals. It’s that unique blend of shared passion and shared goals that creates a family like atmosphere and creates the strong bonds of friendship. 

Vet Tech Institute faculty members include:

Acting Program Director and Program RVT:

Kristin Husband, RVT, is the Program Registered Veterinary Technician/Interim Program Director at the Vet Tech Institute, Fort Wayne.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science that was earned from Purdue University in 1998.  She received her Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology from Purdue in 2002.  She has worked in mixed animal practice for 15 years with a special interest in equine medicine.  Kristin started at the Vet Tech Institute in September 2006 and became the program RVT in November 2006 and the Interim Program Director in 2014. Her duties include teaching courses in radiology and large animal, managing the staff and supporting the kennel manager.

Staff RVTs: 

Emily Dill, RVT, has 15 years of clinical experience in small animal and equine practice.  She received her Veterinary Technology Degree from Purdue University in 1994.  Emily joined the Vet Tech Institute faculty and is actively involved in wildlife rehabilitation.

Heather Buckland, RVT has 13 years of clinical experience with small animals. She received her Veterinary Technology degree from our program in 2007. Heather joined the Vet Tech Institute in August 2015; she enjoys teaching radiology and skills assessment courses.   

Julie Hix, RVT, graduated from Purdue University as a veterinary technician in 1988.  She has experience working with students at Oklahoma State University and has clinical experience in emergency and companion animal practice.  Ms. Hix also uses her Bachelors degree in psychology from Butler University to enrich the learning experience.  

Natalie Slusher, RVT has 10 years of clinical experience in small animal and large animal clinics.  She received her Veterinary Technology Degree from our program in 2009.  She joined our faculty in June of 2016.

Going to School in Fort Wayne, IN

Vet Tech Institute at International Business College is located in Fort Wayne, IN and has convenient access to public transportation, parking, and recreation. The Fort Wayne, IN location of the Vet Tech Institute has a reputation that has attracted students from around the state. Students benefit from this diversity and also are among peers who share their love for animals.

Many students live on-campus in our student residence facilities, which is a great way to have a stronger sense of community, shorten your commute, make close friends, and experience living on your own.  

Within walking distance of the college, students stay in suites featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen.   The units are fully furnished and come equipped with appliances including a full size washer and dryer.  Two swimming pools, a fitness center, and a five-acre lake for fishing are just some of the amenities available. 

Find out more about the Vet Tech Institute by requesting more information or scheduling a campus tour!  





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